Monkey was a Siamese cat, brother of Crystal (See file  He died

today, 21 May, 1999.  Nancy and I were with him when he was put to sleep at the

Williamsburg Animal Clinic at 2:25 PM.  Several weeks ago it became apparent

that there was something wrong with him.  He had no appetite.  The vet found

that he had a serious urinary infection.  There also seemed to be something

wrong with his kidneys.  Last weekend we left him with the vet and they put

him on an IV, which seemed to improve his appetite.  We brought him home, and

he seemed to have improved, but as the week passed it became apparent that

that was temporary.  We actually arranged for the vet to come to our house

last Wednesday to put Monkey to sleep at home, but Monkey seemed to be doing

so well that we decided to wait.  This morning he had no interest in food at

all, so we knew it was time to put him to sleep.


When we got Monkey and Crystal we originally to get just one cat.  However,

when it came time to select one of the two, I took a look at the two of them

curled up together, and decided immediately that we had to take them both!


Monkey was a shy cat.  He and Crystal spent the first several days with us

hiding in the laundry room.  He was very fond of our Golden Retrievers Chief

and Addie.  He liked to try to nurse on them, and they seemed to enjoy it.

After both the dogs were gone, Monkey turned his attentions mostly to Nancy

just as his sister turned her attentions to me.  Monkey liked to sit on

Nancy's lap and push his head up under her chin.  He would often nibble ever

so gently on her chin, with his front legs around her neck as in am embrace.

He clearly looked on her as his mother.  He behaved the same way with her when

she went to bed at night.


We let Monkey go outside, because he never ventured far from the house.  He

liked to find a sunny spot in the bushes, and just lie there.  Finding him was

easy, because if you called out to him he would usually talk to you.  I put a

little scrap of carpet out on the front steps, and he liked to lie on it on

bright sunny winter mornings.


Monkey would come tell me when he wanted to go outside.  I would ask if he

wanted to go outside, and he would then trot to the front door to wait for me

to come and open it.


Monkey once had a little friend, a chipmunk, that lived in the Gengler's

woodpile next to out driveway.  Monkey would sit for hours watching the

woodpile for the little chipmunk.  Several time I saw Monkey carrying the

chipmunk around in his mouth.  This went on for quite a long time, weeks; however

eventually Monkey apparently killed the chipmunk.


At Christmas, we always put a present for Monkey under the tree.  It was

always the same aquarium fish net.  We would wrap it with some catnip in the

package and put it with the rest of the presents.  Monkey would find it and,

with a little help from us, tear the wrapping paper off.  He had a cute way of

playing with it.  He would take the net part in his mouth, and crouch down

staring at the handle end.  If the handle moved he would race after it while

holding the net in his mouth.  Thus the handle would seen to run away from

him.  Very amusing to all.


Monkey was an extremely gentle and sweet cat.  He would let me carry him

without any complaint.  He loved me to feed him fresh catnip in the summer.  I

would hand feed him tiny pieces, which he would gently take from me with his

tongue.  After the catnip was gone he would gently lick my fingers.


Monkey brought us a great deal of joy and pleasure.  His loss has caused me a

great deal of sadness.  There seems to be some sort of law there.  With

pleasure there must eventually be come related sadness.  The experience of

having monkey for the approximately 15 years that he lived was a joy that I

shall treasure for the rest of my days.