Below are links to pictures taken during our 2009 safari in Tanznaia. The first is to approximately 340 pictures taken by Ted. The second is to 52 pictures selected by Nancy from those she took on the safari. The third is to 350 pictures taken by Jerry McAfee, who was also on that safari. The fourth is for videos taken by Jerry McAfee.

Ted's pictures

Nancy's pictures

Jerry's pictures

Jerry's videos

I have learned that I can search for topics on YouTube as I can on Google; in fact, YouTube seems to be affialited with Google. I have thus found some wonderful videos of cheetahs on YouTube that show that cheetahs in Tanzania and Kenya have no fear whatsoever of humans:

Cheetah in the car (Cheetah kisses a man on his shoulder.)

Friendly cheetah (Cheetah jumps on Japanese tourists' vehicle.)

Serengeti cheetahs inspecting vehicle

Friendly cheetah 2 (Cheetah on vehicle & man stands right beside her.)


I am very interested in airplanes. Here is a link to a YouTube video showing Delmar Benjamin doing some incredible flying in his Gee Bee R2 replica at Moffatt Field in 1999. He does low-altitude knife-edge passes down the runway - truly amazing!

Delmar Benjamin in Gee Bee R2 replica at Moffatt Field (Click on "Pop out" on lower menu bar.)

Here is a video showing an RC B-52, with 8 turbojets, crashing: