We went on a Safari to Tanzania in East Africa in February, 2004. It was a wonderful trip. Here are a few of the almost 1000 pictures I took there:

Elephants in Tarangire National Park.   We saw giraffes there too.
Zebras in the Ngorongoro crater.   Maasai people. We visited their village, just outside the Ngorongoro crater.
The Maasai school. The children sang the a-b-c song for us.   Three cheetah brothers on the Serengeti, not at all afraid of people. We saw them make a kill shortly after this picture was taken - see below, left.
The three cheetah brothers enjoying their kill, a baby gazelle.   Hippos having fun in the Serengeti.
A pretty lion pride in the Selous Game Reserve.   We go looking on foot for elepahants in the Selous.
Elephant signs - a freshly toppled tree.   Fresh elephant poop.
Elephants!   Watch out! Here comes one out of the trees!
There he is! (He shrieked and turned around after sensing us.)    
The Ngorongoro crater. This picture was formed by stictching together three pictures, taken from our hotel room. This crater is 10 miles across and 2000 feet deep.