We went on a second Safari to Tanzania in East Africa in February, 2009. It was also a wonderful trip.

Shown below are a few of the almost 1500 pictures I took there. To see LOTS of pictures from this safari, click on the link Links to other sites.

Elephant by a baobab tree in Tarangire National Park.   Garaffes by one of our vehicles in Tarangire National Park.
Buffalo herd in Tarangire National Park.   A beautiful Tanzanian lady.
Zebras with calves in the Ngorongoro crater. Wildebeest in the background.   Wildebeest with newborn calves in the Ngorongoro crater.

Lions immediately after mating. Ngorongoro crater.

  Serval (small cat) about to pounce in the Ngorongoro crater. Very rare sight, as they tend to be nocturnal.


Two cheetah brothers in the Serengeti.



Male lion in the Serengeti.



Three cheetah brothers in the Serengeti.

  Leopard in the Serengeti. This image is a very small part cropped from a picture taken very far from the tree.